Nature Colors Cookware Set inludes:

  • 1.5 qt. Low Casserole with Lid
  • 3.9 qt. High Casserole with Lid
  • 6.7 qt. High Casserole with Lid
  • 1.3 qt. Saucepan without Lid

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    Prepare tasty and healthy meals with Silit Nature Colors Ceramic Cookware quality crafted in Germany. Silit Nature Colors is one of the finest ceramic cookware lines in the world featuring their super strong Silargan® ceramic combined with a unique stainless steel Control Lid with an ingenious steam exhaust and pouring function – for even greater perfection and safety when preparing your food in an authentic-tasting way.

    Silit's Silargan ceramic is extremely durable – scratch, cut and chip resistant and can be used on all stove tops, including induction. Silit Nature Colors cookware is oven-safe up to 450° F, is super easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

    Enjoy your Silit cookware investment with Limited Lifetime Warranty. Made in Germany.

    Nature Colors Benefits:

    Highly-functional non-insertable lid made from stainless steel: Control Lid with push technology.
    For simple pouring and steam release.
    • Finger protection on both sides.
    • Easy to clean by disassembling the sliding system.
    • For better health and more enjoyment.

    Silit Nature Colors Collection Features:

    • Control lid with innovative sliding technology allows for controlled steam release and easy pouring.
    • Highly functional lay-on lid made from stainless steel.
    • Rims are shaped to allow for dripless pouring.
    • Consistent, even heat distribution and retention for superior energy efficiency.
    • Hollow handles allow for cooler/safer handling during cooking
    • Oven proof all metal handles.
    • Finger protection on both sides for more comfort and safety when cooking.
    • Extremely durable – scratch, cut and chip resistant.
    • Suitable for all stove tops, including induction.
    • Easily cleaned by disassembling the sliding system.
    • Available in various sizes and striking colors.
    • Oven-safe up to 450° F
    • Dishwasher-safe
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Made in Germany

    Silargan® - functional ceramic, unique worldwide.

    • Extra sturdy ferromagnetic steel is drawn in one piece to form the pan which is then coated with the proprietary high-tech ceramic coating, Silargan, which becomes one with the steel core.
    • Nickel-free, ideal for those with allergies.
    • Non-porous closed surface is guaranteed to preserve the full taste and natural flavor of your ingredients.
    • Conducts heat quickly and evenly up to the rim, allowing for energy efficient preparation of foods.
    • 100% Authentic Taste.
    • Energy efficient cooking.